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Your insurance plan only specifies a breastpump as an eligible benefit - your insurance does not specify the brand of pump. You are not limited in your options and you have the freedom to choose any brand you wish.


Heart Sail processes and ships all orders within 24 hours, usually the same day!

Maternity Lumbar Support

Maternity Lumbar Support is designed by healthcare professionals to take the pressure off your core, providing pelvic-sacral support and reducing motion around the sacroiliac joint. 

Wear from three to nine months during your pregnancy.

2-Step C-Section Bandage System

The c-section bandage system was designed specifically to help heal and protect your c-section wound, and aid in scar prevention. A breathable dressing system designed to conform to your body, create the optimal healing environment, and provide comfort throughout postpartum healing.

Depending upon your insurance coverage, you pay little or nothing for your breastpump and monthly supplies.


Heart Sail accepts Tricare and BlueCross BlueShield insurance and services mothers all across the globe.


We will handle all of your paperwork with your physician and insurance company.


We bill your insurance company - not you.


With eligible benefits, we ship to your home for free!


Call Heart Sail Medical today!

(855) 309-5454

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