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Medela Freestyle Hands-Free


The Freestyle™  Hands-free is Medela's smallest and first wearable hands-free double electric breast pump, designed so you can carry on with other tasks while you're expressing. The compact, pocket-sized pump is a separate unit, allowing our lightweight collection cups to fit discreetly inside your bra for a superior hands-free pumping experience.


  • Wearable, ultra-lightweight collection cups are amongst the lightest available (76g each) and designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra

  • Freestyle™ Hands-free pump combines comfort with portability, helping busy mums to multitask

  • Separate pump stays in your pocket instead of weighing on your breast

  • Anatomically shaped collection cups uniquely designed to maximise milk expression and comfort by reducing compression of breast tissue

  • Easy to clean and assemble collection cups with just three parts and in only three steps. Dishwasher safe

  • Transparent design so you can easily align the nipple and check if milk is flowing

  • Built-in, USB-rechargeable¹ battery for convenient pumping wherever you are

  • Connectivity to the Medela Family™ app allows you to create a personalized profile tailored to your needs

  • 2-Phase Expression™ technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm – faster at first to stimulate milk flow, then slower to express milk for efficient and comfortable pumping


  • 1 x Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump (motor unit)

  • 1 x tubing

  • 2 x cups

  • 2 x membranes

  • 2 x 24mm hands-free cup breast shields

  • 2 x 21mm hands-free cup breast shields

  • 1 x power adaptor and USB-C charging cable

  • 1 x instructions for use

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